Trump Hosts Screening Of QAnon/Pizzagate Films That Claim Democrats Kidnap Children And Drink Their Blood

Media Matters reports:

On March 28, America’s Future — a group run by Michael Flynn and his family which has become increasingly tied to QAnon, with multiple QAnon figures including Liz Crokin being involved with the organization — hosted Mike Smith at Mar-a-Lago to screen both his film Out of Shadows and his sequel, Into the Light.

The film Out of Shadows “alleges, among other things, that Hollywood is run by Satanic pedophilia rings” and pushes the debunked Pizzagate conspiracy theory, with Crokin baselessly claiming during the film that a D.C. pizzeria was part of a child trafficking ring.

Into the Light, which was also screened at Mar-a-Lago, is described as “a movie made to bring to surface that psychological operations are present and active in today’s society.” America’s Future members Crokin and Lara Logan were also in attendance at the event.

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