Prosecutors: No Charges In Death Of Nex Benedict

NPR reports:

Prosecutors in Oklahoma say they will not pursue charges in the death of Nex Benedict. Bullying someone to attempt or complete suicide is a felony in Oklahoma, reported member station KOSU. But Tulsa County District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler says the fight was not one-sided and there’s not enough evidence to press charges.

“Based upon the investigation of the Owasso Police Department, I am in the agreement with their assessment that the filing of juvenile charges is not warranted,” Kunzweiler said in a press release Thursday. Attorneys for Nex’s family have said injuries Nex sustained in the fight were significant even if their death was ruled a suicide.

GLAAD reacts via press release:

Time and time again, leaders in Oklahoma have showed that they don’t value Nex’s life, or the lives of other Indigenous and 2STGNC+ (Two Spirit, transgender, gender-noncoforming+) students.

Everyone from Superintendent Walters and Owasso High School to the unaccredited-since-2009 state Medical Examiner’s Office, the District Attorney, and Owasso Police Department have failed Nex Benedict and failed us all.

It is critical that an independent investigation is completed and the truth about what happened to Nex, and what all marginalized youth in Oklahoma schools endure, is brought to light.

We will never stop seeking justice for Nex and we will never stop holding leaders accountable to serving their communities fairly and with compassion.”