Bannon: We’ll Imprison “Demonic” Dems On Day One

“Fight fire with fire. These people are evil. They’re demonic. They’re destroying our country. Look at what they’re doing right now in this invasion of the southern border and what’s happening.

“You talk about replacement theory. Hey, African-Americans, Hispanic-American citizens, they’re replacing you because you’re getting too ornery. Your wages are too high. That’s their plan, and they’re open about it.

“On the evening after we’ve won, the accountability project’s going to start and it’s going to be thorough this time. It’s going to be deep. It’s going to be meaningful. Right? And it’s not going to be the Peter Navarros of the world that are going to be in prison. It’s going to be, they’re going to be in prison.

“Yes. Prison. Because that’s where they deserve to be for trying to destroy this country, the greatest republic, the greatest nation, the greatest republic in the history of mankind.” – Steve Bannon, on today’s podcast.