Infamous Anti-Vaxxer Launches Attack On Mumps Vax

The Daily Mail reports:

Disgraced doctor Andrew Wakefield [photo] – whose fake anti-vax data has been blamed for the current measles epidemic – has set his sights on discrediting the mumps vaccine. The 67-year-old, who fled to the US after being struck off in the UK for fraudulently connecting the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine to autism, is seeking Hollywood fame with his first feature film Protocol-7, which claims the mumps jab causes serious long-term health issues.

The film’s extended trailer debuted at the Autism Health Summit in San Antonio, Texas last weekend, with Wakefield telling the conference’s 500 guests that the vaccine, which has been used for decades, is ‘dangerous’. The movie, which will be released on May 31 and is based on a ‘true story’, stars Julia Roberts’s brother Eric as an executive at Merck who goes up against two whistleblowers who claim the pharmaceutical company’s mumps vaccine is faulty.

Read the full article. Those 500 QAnon nutbags paid $400 each to attend Wakefield’s conference. It’s all a grift.