GOP Rep Menaces Trump Judge With Hitman Reference

The Meidas Touch reports:

Rep. Clay Higgins has always been pretty bizarre. He has a penchant for making menacing speeches at witnesses appearing before Congress, often threatening them with jail or some other consequence as a result of whatever conspiracy he has cooked up in his head to involve them in. His latest obsession is what he has called “ghost busses” which he claimed carried hundreds of FBI agents to DC on J6. Judge Engoron is expected to make his decision on the punishment for Trump in his New York fraud trial any day. So, Higgins made a post showing a photo of the assassin Michael Corleone brought in from Sicily in the Godfather movie to assassinate Hyman Roth.

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Showing someone “where the ocean is” is a reference to mob killings. Higgins has had several tweets removed by Twitter for inciting violence.

In his former career as a Louisiana cop, Higgins resigned from one police force after being accused of striking a handcuffed suspect and then became a spokesman cop for another city, where his bombastic video threats against suspects went viral.

Higgins, who has been sued by one of his four wives for $140,000 in unpaid child support, claims that his current wife has the power of premonition.

He regularly posts calls for civil war.