Far-Right Michigan Rep Stripped Of Committee, Staff And Perks After Posting White Nationalist/Racist Meme

The Detroit Free Press reports:

State Rep. Josh Schriver, R-Oxford, lost his staff and his spot on a legislative committee as punishment for sharing a social media post amplifying a racist conspiracy theory.

House Speaker Joe Tate, D-Detroit, announced Monday his decision to reassign Schriver’s staff and remove him from the House Natural Resources, Environment, Tourism, and Outdoor Recreation Committee. Additionally, resources typically made available to representatives will be held from Schriver by the House Business Office.

Last week, Schriver shared a post on X, formerly known as Twitter, from right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec with a graphic with the text “The great replacement!” showing a world map with white human figures in the U.S., Europe and Australia and black human figures dotted across the rest of the land.

Read the full article. As Right Wing Watch has noted several times, Shriver is an apparent follower of neo-Nazi leader Nick Fuentes. The upraised finger seen in the screenshot below is considered a white nationalist salute by “groyper” followers of Fuentes. Shriver is fond of saying that he’s a servant of God, not government.