Cultist Pegged As Trump’s Possible Pick For Attorney General: What’s So Bad About Christian Nationalism?

“What the hell is a Christian nationalist, right? Is that a Christian who loves America? And I guess the question I have is, what the hell is wrong with that?

“As opposed to what? Third-world Marxist trash that Joe Biden is importing into our country? People who hate America, and hate everything we stand for and don’t want to assimilate?

“They wanna destroy our country from within, and they wanna take all of our treasure that we’ve built over the last 250 years? I mean, what — I’m still scratching my head on what’s wrong with being a Christian nationalist, and I guess I didn’t realize it was open season on Christians.

“I didn’t realize this anti-Christian bigotry is allowed on MSNBC, and you have to wonder if their advertisers are on board with this.” – Mike Davis, speaking on Charlie Kirk’s show.

Davis has been pegged by MAGA World figures as Trump’s potential selection for US Attorney General. He appeared here in November when he threatend to imprison and then deport now-former MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan. Davis also suggested that he would send gay journalist Tim Miller to a women’s prison.