Oklahoma Gov: Red States Would Send Troops To Texas

“We certainly stand with Texas on the right to defend themselves, but Biden’s gonna be in a tough situation, so in other words, he’s going to try to federalize these troops.

“In other words, put them on federal orders, and so now their allegiance technically goes to the president of the United States instead of the governor.

“And of course I think a lot of Texans in the National Guard would be in a difficult situation to protect their homeland or to follow what Biden’s saying. I think it will be very interesting.

“You’ve got Oklahoma and Florida and Tennessee and you’ve got all these other states that would send our National Guard to help and to support the efforts of Governor Abbott, because every state is a border state.

“You talked about fentanyl. The deaths in Oklahoma since I’ve taken office are up 500% and we know that’s coming across the southern border, and then you think about the terrorists.

“We’ll be in contact with Governor Abbott and whatever he needs our support for.” – Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt, speaking to Newsmax.