Sen. Mike Lee: Imprisoned Rioter Is Undercover Fed

The Meidas Touch reports:

The new conspiracy, latched onto by Utah Senator Mike Lee and several others, is that one of the J6ers inside the Capitol must be holding an FBI badge. Of course, the problem with this new conspiracy is that we already know who this is and what he was holding because the case has already been adjudicated.

The man in the photo is J6 defendant Kevin Lyons, who was sentenced to 51 months in prison, and the object he is holding in his hand is a vaping device. He is also holding a photo of John Lewis that he stole from Nancy Pelosi’s office.

During the riot, Lyons was screaming at Capitol Police Officers that they were “f–king Nazis!” Lyons also stole a wallet with $150 cash in it from the jacket of a staffer. But this is the guy who is going to prove that J6 was really just Feds.

Read the full article. Gotta hand it to those undercover feds for being willing to spend years in federal prison to maintain their operation.