Republican Rep Compares Move To Expel Santos To A “Public Crucifixion” And “Burning Of An Alleged Witch”

“The very fact that we have all read ‘the investigative report’ indicates a level of public character assassination that I have not witnessed through 4 terms of Congressional service. This report is posing as an objective presentation of fact, yet it is most certainly written with notable disregard for professional objectivity, and it is wrapped in a media incensed public disclosure that any reasonable man can see is the Congressional equivalent of a public crucifixion. I’m stunned that Members would cheer for this public shaming and expulsion. It’s like witnessing an otherwise fair and compassionate village gather to celebrate the burning of an alleged witch.” – Far-right Freedom Caucus GOP Rep. Clay Higgins, in a letter to fellow House Republicans. Higgins recently claimed that Capitol rioters were actually “FBI informants dresses as Trump supporters” and that they arrived on “ghost buses.”