Mormon Convert Glenn Beck Asks Israel For Citizenship

“To Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the honorable officials at the state of Israel. In this moment, I have chosen to ask you for citizenship in the state of Israel.

“I have nothing to offer but my voice of support, and some might say that my support might be more valuable as an independent voice. Perhaps they are correct. But my request for citizenship is not about words, it is about deeds.

“Why, one might wonder, would I want to embrace a heritage and identity that is so ruthlessly hunted down, again and again? Yet it is precisely during such moments that we must choose to stand. I anticipate no privileges or exemption from the state of Israel.

“I instead yearn to align myself with those willing to rise, to fight and sacrifice for the fundamental right to live.” – Glenn Beck, who converted to Mormonism at the age of 35 and who has spread antisemitic conspiracy theories about George Soros.