Homocon Lawyer Wins Pride Suit Against LA State Bar

Courthouse News reports:

The Louisiana State Bar strayed from its core role by giving its members wellness advice and promoting Pride Month, a Fifth Circuit panel ruled Monday, exempting an attorney who took issue with these activities from having to join the organization or pay it dues.

Randy Boudreaux, who is openly gay, took issue with an LGBTQ Pride Month flag the state bar posted on its website in July, linking to a History.com article about gay rights. The panel determined the bar can promote the inclusion of LBGTQ people in the legal profession. But in this instance it went too far: It promoted LGBTQ causes generally with no nexus to the practice of law.

The panelists granted Boudreaux a preliminary injunction preventing the Louisiana State Bar from requiring him to join or pay dues. But they stressed the injunction only applies to Boudreaux.

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Like almost all states, those in the Fifth Circuit’s jurisdiction require lawyers to join their state bar. Boudreaux was represented by the right wing Pelican Center for Justice.