Far-Right Trump Cultist Elected President Of Argentina

The BBC reports:

Argentines have elected far-right libertarian outsider Javier Milei, 53, as their new president. With almost all votes counted, Mr Milei had won close to 56% in the decisive run-off, ahead of his left-wing rival, Sergio Massa, with 44%. The radical newcomer’s victory has been described as “a political earthquake”. It has been welcomed by like-minded politicians such as US ex-President Donald Trump, who said Mr Milei would “Make Argentina Great Again”.

Sometimes dubbed “El Loco” (the madman) by his critics, Mr Milei has promised drastic changes, which include ditching the local currency, the peso, for the dollar and “blowing up” the central bank. He has also proposed cutting welfare payments and slashing bureaucracy by closing the ministries of culture, women, health and education, among others. On social issues, the president-elect wants to loosen gun laws, abolish abortion, and allow the sale and purchase of human organs.

Read the full article. The cult is exulting.