Elon Musk Introduces AI Chatbot Named “Grok”

Axios reports:

Elon Musk Saturday introduced a new chatbot called “Grok” out of his xAI startup, claiming that AI should be “useful to people of all backgrounds and political views.”

xAI spent four months training Grok, which it categorizes as a “frontier large language model” — which would make it subject to new AI testing requirements both from the White House and those agreed upon at last week’s AI safety summit in London.

Grok is “a very early beta product” with a sense of humor and “a rebellious streak” — but since hardly anyone has access to the service currently, it’s hard to test the claim. Grok will “answer spicy questions that are rejected by most other AI systems,” the company says.

Read the full article. The term “grok” was coined in 1961 by science fiction writer Robert Heinlein in his classic novel, Stranger In A Strange Land. It means “to understand intuitively” or “to make part of oneself” and has since become widely used by computer programmers.