DeSantis Again Vows To “Flatten” The Bahamas

Florida Politics reports:

Ron DeSantis redoubled his strong opposition to what are very hypothetical attacks from a friendly nation to a South Florida city. Remarkably, the second time around comes after the U.S. Embassy in Nassau issued a statement of regret for the previous time DeSantis made the threat.

Yet again, DeSantis compared Israel’s onslaught on Hamas to what would happen if he, as Governor of the state of Florida, had to respond to “missiles” from the Bahamas to Fort Lauderdale in a 9/11 parallel metaphor.

“I think to myself as Governor of Florida, if we had, if someone in the Bahamas was launching missiles into Fort Lauderdale, we would not accept that for a minute,” DeSantis vowed. “We would go in and we would flatten them in no time certain.”

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