Catholic League: Group’s “Satanic” Xmas Tree Is Illegal

As I reported yesterday, GOP Rep. Mike Gallagher and GOP rep turned Fox host Sean Duffy had a hissy fit over the Satanic Temple’s Xmas tree at a Wisconsin museum. Today Catholic League president Bill Donohue also blows his top in his usual fashion:

The National Railroad Museum in Green Bay, Wisconsin is hosting a Festival of Trees representing 66 organizations. Only six of the trees are sponsored by Christian groups; the others are sponsored by various businesses.

The Satanic Temple of Wisconsin is featuring a tree with an ornament that says, “Hail Satan” (meant as a riposte to “Hail Santa”). There is also a depiction of Satan, as well as upside-down crosses. It says it does not believe in a “theistic” Satan, but much of what it says and does prove that it is Satan-friendly, to say the least.

Perhaps the most disingenuous person involved in this anti-Christmas scam is Jacqueline Frank, the CEO of the National Railroad Museum. When asked why she allowed the Satanists, she invoked the tired refrain of inclusion. It does not help Frank’s decision for her to say, “We’re not discriminating against anyone.”

The issue is not discrimination—it is hostility to religion. And that is unconstitutional. In the 1971 Lemon v. Kurtzman ruling, Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote that the Constitution “affirmatively mandates accommodation, not merely tolerance, of all religions, and forbids hostility toward any (my italics).”

Read the full press release. Donohue is also angry about an LGBTQ group’s tree, but has nothing to say about a hardware store’s tree decorated with household tools or a toy store’s tree decorated with Legos.