Levin Compares Autoworkers Union Head To Mussolini

“The UAW union is expanding its strike to 38 more facilities. They’re located in 20 states across the US. The escalation would spare Ford Motor Company. UAW President Shawn Fain praised Ford in a Facebook live stream on Friday for showing it is serious about reaching a deal.

“The union is currently on strike at one Ford factory in Michigan. And this is what I mean, that no one entity, whether it’s a union or a company, should have this kind of power. He’s like Mussolini. Making demands, making threats, trying to bully.

“Why aren’t our antitrust laws applied to major unions? Why are they only applied to major corporations? What’s in the best interest of 330,000,000 Americans?

“That some tiny percentage of the workforce can affect all the rest of the members of the workforce in a very negative way and every single consumer? What kind of theory of economics, what kind of model is that?” –  Mark Levin.