Knowles: Huckabee Is Right, Dems Will Spark Civil War

Media Matters has the transcript:

Mike Huckabee said nothing wrong. Every single thing Mike Huckabee just said is right. Regardless of even what happens in the election and how you interpret it, if the legal mechanisms that the liberals are trying to use — which are really illegal mechanisms — if they succeed at taking Trump off the ballot in certain places, then the likelihood of civil war is much higher.

The last time that we had a president elected not being on the ballot in a number of states was immediately before the Civil War. That’s just an historical fact. He’s not saying if Trump loses the election fair and square, then the next election’s gonna be decided by bullets rather than ballots.

He’s saying if these unfair, often illegal operations that the liberals are trying, if those succeed, then you’re gonna have a breakdown of the electoral order. That’s obviously true.

If the liberals exert this kind of power and keep the conservative from having a fair shake at being elected, even then — even if the conservatives do nothing and they sit at home on their hands, it will nevertheless remain true that the future elections will be decided by bullets rather than ballots because the bullets will be in the guns pointed by the state at the people who want to challenge the regime.

As is often the case with Mike Huckabee, what he’s saying is obviously, obviously true. And the Liberals are pursuing that strategy. Do not confuse yourself. Don’t think it’s hyperbole or that we’re all paranoid with tinfoil hats. The liberals are explicitly trying to keep Trump off the ballot.