Christian Nationalist Pastor Sells Bleach To Treat Autism

Vice News reports:

An evangelical pastor who briefly shot to fame in 2015 for recording a rap song in support of Sen. Ted Cruz is now selling industrial-strength bleach tablets to parents and has admitted that many of his customers are using the product to treat autism in their children. Joe Salant, who grew up in an affluent New Jersey family, became a born-again Christian after coming out of drug rehab when he was in his early twenties, having spent six months in jail for drug possession.

Recently, he has become part of the American Renewal Project, which aims to have a pastor from “every church in America” run for elected office by 2024. Salant preaches a Christian nationalist ideology that positions the church at the heart of all aspects of American society. In his spare time he continues to release rap records with titles like “Human Sacrifices” and “Dies in Vain,” in which he raps about child trafficking.

Read the full article. In the video below, Salant and far-right/anti-LGBTQ former Catholic priest Frank Pavone argue against the Johnson Amendment, which forbids churches from engaging in political activity. Pavone was defrocked by Pope Francis last year for “blasphemous communications on social media.”