Louisiana AG Candidate: Abortion Pills Contain Fentanyl

“It just starts with pot. That’s why I’m not a fan of recreational use of pot. I think everywhere we go, we see these communities that are just being destroyed by the smell and it is bad. The people are sleeping on the streets. One thing leads to the other. It is not a great environment. If you go to Portland, you can’t even walk downtown. Go to Washington, D.C., walk around Vegas, it’s horrible.

“New Orleans is bad enough, and it’s really effectively legalized in New Orleans because nobody enforces the law. I’m not going to go into a hotel and the elevator smells no good for what it’s worth. The fact is that that also creates a great black market, and that’s what actually creates a great avenue for more fentanyl. And they do put fentanyl in pot a lot. It is also a problem, frankly, with abortion pills online.” – Liz Murrill, Republican candidate for Louisiana Attorney General and Federalist Society member.

Murrill is a top aide for current Louisiana AG Jeff Landry, who is running for governor this year on a platform of banning everything LGBTQ-related.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune debunks her batshittery on their Gambit political blog:

Of course, there is no evidence that abortion pills are being mixed with fentanyl and they remain perfectly safe — and legal in most states. It should also be noted there is no public safety or health rationale for online sales of the pills to be illegal in Louisiana. Rather, that law is part of the Republican Party’s broader anti-women’s health platform. Ironically, Republicans have created a de facto gray market for abortion pills. As a result, even if Murrill’s random musings about fentanyl and abortion pills were true, it would mean that anti-choice politicians in the state like herself are responsible since they made the pills illegal in the first place.