FRC: Dems Want “The Complete Californication” Of Ohio

Posted to the Family Research Council’s website:

In the frantic lead-up to next Tuesday’s vote on Issue 1, the latest polling from Ohio Northern University shows both sides in a dead heat. Proponents are even up by a hair (42.4% to 41%) — shocking the radicals who’ve pumped millions of dollars into the state from outside groups. While the media rushes to discredit the numbers, Mike Conidakis, president of Ohio Right to Life, is urging voters to get out and split the tie.

Under Issue 1, the threshold for passing a constitutional amendment would jump from 50% to 60%, a move that would make it inordinately more difficult for the Left to hijack the state’s founding document. It would also force groups to persuade voters in every county — not just the areas most agreeable to their agenda.

“All we’re talking about here is [changing] how we amend our state constitution,” Citizens for Community Virtues President Aaron Baer explained on “Washington Watch” Monday.

“It’s not just abortion-on-demand up until birth. It’s also a complete abolishment of parental rights, parental consent. You know, under this constitutional amendment, a minor would be able to get an abortion without their parent’s knowledge or consent. They’d even be able to get transgender medicine, sex change surgeries without their parent’s knowledge or consent. I mean, really, … this is the complete Californication of Ohio in one ballot amendment.”