Christie Predicts Trump Will Sign RNC Loyalty Pledge

The Hill reports:

Republican presidential candidate Chris Christie said he expects former President Trump to sign the RNC pledge to get on the debate stage on Aug. 23, despite the former president vowing not to.

Christie told Jonathan Karl on ABC’s “This Week” that Trump did the same thing during the 2016 primary in refusing to to sign the RNC pledge, calling the pledge ‘nonsensical theater.”

Christie added that he would not be the “least bit surprised” if Trump signs the pledge next Sunday or Monday — just days ahead of the debate. Trump said last week that he would not sign such a pledge.

Politico reports:

Christie said Sunday he has yet to sign the party’s loyalty pledge because no one has given it to him. “I haven’t been presented with the pledge yet,” the former New Jersey governor said on ABC’s “This Week,” adding he thought the Republican National Committee was still verifying that he had enough donors to qualify for the event.

But in answering the question Sunday, Christie did not say whether he would sign the pledge when he received it. Christie said he was not surprised that Trump has neither committed to the debate or the pledge yet. “He plays misdirection all the time,” he said.

So far the pledge has been signed by Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Nikki Haley.