Brazil’s Bolsonaro Accused Of Ordering Vote Tampering

Reuters reports:

Former Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro faced mounting legal pressure on Friday, as police probed his personal finances and communications while a jailed former aide mulled testifying about his role in a Rolex-peddling scheme allegedly masterminded by the ex-president.

On Thursday morning, in a televised congressional probe into the Jan. 8 insurrection, a computer programmer told lawmakers that Bolsonaro last year asked him to tamper with an electronic voting machine to undermine faith in the electoral system.

The hacker, Walter Delgatti, said Bolsonaro told him in August to discuss the idea with Defense Ministry officials and offered to pardon him if he suffered legal consequences. Bolsonaro confirmed the meeting, but denied Delgatti’s accusations.

Read the full article. Bolsonaro reportedly had his aides sell jewelry and watches gifted by foreign governments and give him the proceeds in cash.