Anti-Vax Brit Eric Clapton Attempted To Donate To RFK

Guitar Magazine reports:

Eric Clapton has addressed his attempt to donate to Robert F Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign. The musician had formerly tried to donate $5,000, but his attempt was invalid as Clapton is not only an English citizen, but his donation was also over the limit of $3,300.

As we reported back in July, Clapton describes himself as a “fan of freedom”, however, for the last couple of years, he’s shown support for anti-vax figures and has exclusively given interviews to anti-vaccine outlets, including Kennedy’s own website.

It was recently revealed that Clapton attempted to pledge $5,000 to the conspiracy theorist and anti-vaccine politician by listing his city as “England,” and by blanking out the US-specific address details by listing his state as “ZZ” and his zip code as “99999”.

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