Watters Compares Country Star To Kyle Rittenhouse

“We were able to make whatever movie we wanted, paint any picture we want, write any song we want, write any book we want. And that’s what makes America great, right? Apparently not.

“Paramount can produce movies promoting violence but country music stars can’t write songs against it? The underlying threat here is that this is a small, well-funded mob trying to chip away your values and right to self-defense.

“It’s the same thing they did to Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, the McCloskey’s in St. Louis and the Marine in the subway. Scare you out of defending your land, family, and property and once you are scared, you’re easier to control.

“And then it’s open season on all of us.” – Fox host Jesse Watters, after CMT pulled Jason Aldean’s incendiary music video for a song which appears to call for shooting gun control advocates.