OH Trumper: I Accidentally Voted Twice In 2020 & 2022

Cleveland.com reports:

A Shaker Heights attorney accused of illegally voting in the last two general elections should be acquitted, in part, because he cast ballots in two states by accident, his attorney argued to a judge. James Saunders, a 56-year-old former lawyer for the Internal Revenue Service, did not mean to commit a crime when he cast ballots in both Cuyahoga County and Broward County, Florida, counties where he owns property and has been registered to vote since before 2009, his lawyer said during closing arguments Wednesday.

Andrew Rogalski, an assistant county prosecutor, said the argument would have been more credible if Saunders had done it just once. “The fact that you do that in consecutive general elections I think takes ‘accident’ to the land of imaginary doubt, and not reasonable doubt,” Rogalski said. Federal Elections Commission filings showed that Saunders had made monthly donations to then-President Donald Trump’s re-election campaigns and various other conservative political groups,

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