GOP Rep Claims Biden Family Took In Up To $100M

Mediaite reports:

House Republican Andy Biggs (R-AZ) joined Fox Business Network’s Maria Bartiromo on Tuesday and accused President Joe Biden and his family of potentially taking in over $100 million – a wild corruption accusation that blows past anything other GOP politicians have levied.

“Maria, we’re talking literally, it’s not $10 million. It’s it’s well over 20, $30 million. And some estimates as high as $100 million flowing through these accounts,” Biggs declared. “Holy moly!” exclaimed Bartiromo as Biggs spoke.

“This looks more and more sinister every time we look at it,” Biggs continued. “Unbelievable,” responded Bartiromo. “As much as $100 million taken in by the Biden family is what you just said,” she concluded, not pushing for more details.

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