Gaetz: Russia Should Join NATO, Not Ukraine [VIDEO]

“Why would you pick Ukraine? Why not extend NATO to Russia and make it an anti-China alliance? Like, are we really thinking that we’re more afraid of the broke-down tanks from Russia than the fact that China is building a secret military base on the island of Cuba, 90 miles away from the United States?

“Like, if we had to pick Russia or Ukraine for NATO, one could reasonably make the argument that Russia probably provides more benefit long-term. And I think one can reasonably ask the question: has NATO expansion made us safer? I mean, has it really?

“Are we safer today than we were before NATO expanded into the Baltics and put us now on the brink of war? That’s not exactly what we signed up for with Sleepy Joe as the President of the United States.” – Matt Gaetz, last night on Newsmax.