Fox Guest: Blood-Drinking Chinese Are Infiltrating US

“We’re seeing desperate middle class Chinese – these are generally not poor people – because they can pay $35,000 a head to the Mexican cartels to bring them in.

“But among them are packs of males of between 5 and 15 who are of military age, not coming with family groups, pretending not to speak English, and engaging in Chinese military rituals like drinking blood.

“So clearly, these are saboteurs coming into America to wage war on the United States on the first day that there is war in Asia. One of the Chinese military rituals is to slaughter an animal, in this case, chickens.

“Michael Yon, a war correspondent, has seen this, and they basically drink the blood. And this was done in a hotel in Panama after they crossed the Darien Gap from Colombia. So we know that these are Chinese military coming into our country.” – Gordon Chang, today on Fox Business.