Casino Mogul And Former RNC Finance Chair Steve Wynn To Pay $10M Workplace Sexual Misconduct Fine

The Associated Press reports:

Casino mogul Steve Wynn’s long legal fight with Nevada gambling regulators over claims of workplace sexual misconduct is expected to end Thursday with a settlement calling for him to pay a $10 million fine and cut virtually all ties to the industry he helped shape in Las Vegas.

The Nevada Gaming Commission was scheduled to meet in the state capital of Carson City and accept a deal in which the 81-year-old Wynn admits no wrongdoing.

Under terms of the deal, Wynn will be allowed to maintain “passive ownership” of up to 5% of “a publicly traded corporation” registered with the Gaming Commission, but no “control, authority, advisory role or decision making power.”

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Wynn resigned as RNC finance chair in 2018 after multiple female employees came forward with accusations of sexual harassment. RNC chair Ronna McDaniel demanded “due process” for Wynn before returning his millions in personal donations. She never did.

Last year Wynn was sued by the DOJ over allegations that he secretly lobbied Trump on behalf of China. In October, a federal judge dismissed the suit, saying that the DOJ had no power to retroactively force Wynn to register as a foreign agent.