Abortion Draws Huge Early Vote On Ohio Referendum

The Ohio Capital Journal reports:

Early voting figures for the Ohio Aug. 8 special election are surpassing even the most optimistic expectations. Through seven days of early voting more than 116,000 Ohioans have shown up at their local board to cast a ballot. Another 38,000 have absentee ballots have made their way in as well.

As Secretary of State Frank LaRose noted in a press release, it represents a “five-fold increase” in compared to last year’s August election. The constitutional amendment, Issue 1, has apparently struck a chord with Ohio voters.

The proposal would raise the threshold to pass any future amendment from a simple majority to 60%. In addition, it would require initiative backers meet signature requirements in all 88 counties rather than the current 44-county standard.

Read the full article. The GOP-backed constitutional amendment is intended to thwart a November general election ballot measure on abortion rights. Last week LaRose [photo], a Republican, launched his US Senate bid.