Trump: “It’s Not A Great Thing To Talk About” The Vax

“I have a Democrat friend who is very smart. He said, ‘I don’t understand one thing about you. I watch your rallies, they’re incredible. You talk about defeating ISIS, you talk about taxes, you talk about regulation, you talk about everything. You never said — I’ve never heard you talk about the incredible job did you with the vaccines.’

“Because, as you know, I got them done in nine months and it was suppose to take anywhere from five to 12 years. I broke their ass, okay? And do you know who doesn’t like me too much? The FDA because they were very bureaucratic and I got it done.

“And he said, ‘You may have saved in the world, throughout the world, a hundred million people and you never talk about it.’ I said, I really don’t want to talk about it because, as a Republican it’s not a great thing to talk about because, for some reason, it’s just not.

“Because, people love the vaccines, and people hate the vaccines. But, conservatives aren’t — and I understand both sides of it, by the way. I understand both sides very well.

“What I didn’t do is the mandates — the mandates and the vaccines don’t go. So, the mandates are horrible. And I was always against the mandates.

“But really on the vaccines, I let the governors make their decisions. But you have a lot of people that love the vaccines. I mean, you do. They happen to be more Democrat than they are Republican.” – Donald Trump, in a second part of his interview with Fox host Bret Baier.

He just admitted that he fears his own anti-vax cult.