Prosecutors: Rioter Arrested Near Obamas’ Home Had Two Guns And 400 Rounds Of Ammunition In His Van

NBC News reports:

A Trump supporter who stormed the Capitol wearing a “Make Space Great Again” hat had two guns and 400 rounds of ammunition in his van when he was arrested Thursday near former President Barack Obama’s home, federal authorities said Friday. A federal prosecutor said in court Friday that Taylor Taranto, a 37-year-old man first identified by online sleuths in August 2021, also had a machete in the van he appeared to be living in.

Taranto’s van has been parked near the D.C. jail in recent weeks and he has appeared at protests in support of other Jan. 6 defendants, videos on social media show. Noting that he lived in the van, a federal prosecutor said Taranto had “nowhere to go.” Taranto showed up at Obama’s residence on Thursday after former President Donald Trump posted screenshots on his Truth Social platform that featured a purported address for Obama’s home in Washington. Taranto’s account reposted Trump’s post.

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