PA Gov: Repairs To Interstate Will Take Months [VIDEO]

ABC News reports:

Repairs on Interstate 95 are expected to take “months” after an elevated section collapsed in Philadelphia on Sunday morning when a tanker truck carrying flammable cargo caught fire, officials said. “With regards to the complete rebuild of I-95 roadway, we expect it to take some number of months,” Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro told a press conference on Sunday evening, adding that he plans to issue a disaster declaration to “expedite this process” and “immediately draw down federal funds.”

Shapiro said he had spoken directly to Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg who assured him there would be “absolutely no delay” in getting federal funds to safely and swiftly rebuild the “critical roadway.” The northbound side of the affected segment “completely collapsed,” while the southbound lanes are “not structurally sound to carry any traffic,” Shapiro said. One vehicle remains trapped beneath the collapsed roadway, according to the governor.

The Associated Press reports:

The collapsed section of I-95 was part of a $212 million reconstruction project that wrapped up four years ago, state Transportation Department spokesman Brad Rudolph said.

There was no immediate time frame for reopening the highway, but officials would consider “a fill-in situation or a temporary structure” to accelerate the effort, he said.

Motorists were sent on a 43-mile (69-kilometer) detour, which was going “better than it would do on a weekday,” Rudolph said. The fact that the collapse happened on a Sunday helped ease congestion, but he expected traffic “to back up significantly on all the detour areas.”