Kirk: Juneteenth “Smears And Slanders White America”

“So it’s Juneteenth. Very few people are willing to actually call this out. It’s about a certain skin color now gets their own summertime celebration.

“It is now become a racial complaining day. Now we have a full day to be able to smear and slander white America. And remember, BLM stands for burn, loot, and murder.

“Juneteenth becoming a federal holiday is a nationalized race hustle. Why do Blacks need their own national independence day? We used to have a red, white, and blue independence day on July 4th. Now, we have one based on the melanin content of your skin.

“These people will not be stopped unless you say no more. Appeasement does not work. It’s a middle finger to the promise of 1776, You are going to have to choose.” – Charlie Kirk, who days ago called Juneteenth “pagan garbage.”