Google Wallet To Support Digital Driver’s Licenses

Ars Technica reports:

Google Wallet on Android is finally getting ready for your digital driver’s license and other US state IDs. Google says the feature is rolling out this month, and it will slowly start bringing states online this year. Of course, your state has to be one of the few that actually supports digital IDs.

Google says Maryland residents can use the feature right now and that “in the coming months, residents of Arizona, Colorado and Georgia will join them.”

Just like Apple’s announcement in 2021, Google only mentions the Wallet IDs working at airport TSA check-ins, and the support document notes that “you must still carry your physical ID as needed.” For it to actually replace a driver’s license, police would have to be trained and equipped to accept a digital ID during a traffic stop.

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Around two dozen states currently support digital driver’s licenses or have pilot programs underway. Here’s a map. Google says a future Android update will allow police to scan your ID even if your phone’s battery is dead.