Far-Right Montana US Rep Likely To Run For Senate

Politico reports:

Conservative Montana Rep. Matt Rosendale is plotting a Senate comeback bid — a move that’s bound to revive the GOP’s long-running battle over electability in key battleground races. Rosendale has told lawmakers in both chambers that he plans to run for the nomination to take on Sen. Jon Tester (D-Mont.) next year.

His timeline is unclear, but any campaign launch could set him on a collision course with Senate GOP leaders who are working to recruit a fresh face for the must-win contest. If Rosendale jumps in, a brutal primary could complicate the party’s chances of retaking the Senate.

Rosendale said the Senate race will be decided “by the people across Montana, not Mitch McConnell. This week, PPP released a poll that reflects Montanans took a major step towards that decision.”

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Rosendale was among the far-right GOP holdouts during Kevin McCarthy’s 15-ballot bid for House Speaker. Earlier this year he apologized after posing with a group of neo-Nazis outside the US Capitol. In 2018, he lost his Senate challenge to Tester by four points.