DeSantis Posts Fake AI Photo Of Trump Kissing Fauci

The Daily Beast reports:

Ron DeSantis is turning to A.I. in his war of words with Donald Trump. In a new campaign ad, the Florida governor and Republican presidential hopeful deploys several A.I.-generated images to attack the former president, renewing fears about the use of the technology to spread misinformation.

The ad, posted to Twitter by DeSantis’ rapid response team, criticizes Donald Trump for not firing Anthony Fauci.

The ad features a collage that mixes A.I.-generated pictures of Trump and Fauci embracing with real photographs of the two men together. In one of the more unsettling pictures, the former president appears to be planting a kiss on Fauci’s nose.

Read the full article. We’ve got a full year ahead of us of these two trading “you homo” posts.