DeSantis Mocks Trump For Failing To Lock Up Hillary

Florida Politics reports:

The Governor told supporters in Hollis, New Hampshire, about the gaps between what Donald Trump promised as a candidate in 2016 and what he delivered, including on a vow to deal with then-opponent Hillary Clinton. “I remember these rallies in 2016. It was exciting. ‘Drain the swamp,’” DeSantis said, seemingly quoting Trump before pivoting to another unfulfilled promise. “I also remember ‘lock her up, lock her up,’” DeSantis observed.

The Governor then suggested that if he promised to lock a political opponent up, he would follow through. “No, no, no. One thing you’ll get from me. If I tell you I’m going to do something, I’m not just saying that for an election. And there are promises I could make that may help me marginally politically that I don’t know that I could, that I could necessarily follow through on.”

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