Anti-Abortion Leader Declares Trump “Disqualified”

Fox News reports:

Live Action founder and pro-life leader Lila Rose told Americans to trust their conscience when voting for president in 2024, and argued that former President Trump was backsliding on pro-life issues, despite his role in the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

She made waves on Twitter after she declared in April that Trump “disqualified” himself from the Republican nomination by “calling the human right to life merely a ‘state-level’ issue.” During the interview with Fox News Digital, she doubled down on that statement.

“It’s really unfortunate,” she said, responding to Trump’s comments on the six-week abortion ban in Florida. “States rights,” Trump reportedly told advisors in private when discussing the ban, indicating that he wanted to stay away from the issue. “I do think it is disqualifying,” Rose said.

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