Air Travel Nationwide Snarled For Fourth Day [VIDEO]

CNN reports:

Disruptions for air travelers continued Tuesday for a fourth day with more than 9,000 flights across the United States delayed or canceled after powerful storms ripped through the parts of the country, including in the Mid-Atlantic and parts of the Northeast where many busy hubs are located.

Data from FlightAware showed that more than 7,300 flights within, into or out of the US were delayed Tuesday and more than 2,100 were canceled.

On Tuesday night, the Federal Aviation Administration implemented temporary ground stops for flights going to all three major airports in the New York metro area. The average delays leaving LaGuardia are more than two hours, according to an FAA advisory, and more than four hours for flights bound to the airport.

Read the full article. At this writing, nearly 700 flights are canceled for this morning. Per Flight Aware, another 900 are delayed.