Trump: I’ve Been Treated Worse Than Abraham Lincoln

From Trump’s interview last night with Fox’s Mark Levin:

Look, they say that Andrew Jackson was the most vilified person. His wife died during this thing, and they said such horrible things. And he had a very tough presidency. He was a very good president. He was a great general and a good president.

Abraham Lincoln, they say, was, you know, he had a civil war going on. All right. But Abraham Lincoln had – was just vilified. He was. But now they say Trump got treated the worst of all because what they did is they came up with phony stuff.

Russia, Russia, Russia. It was all hoaxes, the Mueller witch hunt, which turned out to be no collusion. I could have told them that the first day and they had the laptop. They could have figured that out, because on the laptop, if you look at it, you could have figured that out easy.

But there’s never been anything. Despite that. People are saying it was one of the most successful presidencies in history, and I believe it was again, we built the greatest economy ever. We’ll do it again.