Sweden Wins 2023 Eurovision Song Contest [VIDEO]

The BBC reports:

Sweden’s Loreen was always the one to beat, and her team knew it too. She had something none of the other contestants competing on Saturday’s Eurovision grand final had – the experience of winning it before. The 39-year-old from Stockholm took the title with her banger Euphoria in Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2012.

Now, with Tattoo, and 583 points, she becomes the first woman to win it twice. She created a performance that looked visually stunning on-screen, captivating the 160 million watching at home with pyrotechnics, smoke machines, incredible staging and, most-importantly, stand-out vocals.

It’s an experience she said was “overwhelming” as she accepted the glass microphone and took to the stage in Liverpool to repeat her winning performance.

The New York Times reports:

The Eurovision Song Contest grand final, held in Liverpool, England, on Saturday, was meant to be Ukraine’s party. After Ukraine won last year’s edition of the beloved, campy singing competition, the country won the right to host this year’s spectacle. But with Russia’s invasion showing no sign of ending, the event was relocated to Liverpool.

In the midst of a war, and with millions watching live, Ukraine’s entrant, Tvorchi, was among the favorites to win this year’s edition of the glamorous and, often, oddball event — a sign of the European public’s ongoing solidarity with Ukraine against Russia’s invasion.

Loreen was the bookmakers’ favorite for the competition, thanks to both her catchy track and Eurovision pedigree, having won once before, in 2012. Her victory means that Sweden, a Eurovision-obsessed nation, will host next year’s contest.

My own 12 points went to Finland, who seemed to be the favorite of most fans in the venue as they interrupted the awarding of points many times with chants of “cha cha cha,” much to the visible frustration of co-presenter Graham Norton. I was also partial to Croatia’s delightfully bizarre bear drag camp fest, Belgium’s gay gay gay rights disco anthem, and Italy’s handsome and charming Pride flag-waving entry. As for Sweden’s Loreen, I gave her song a “meh,” but I still play her winning 2012 entry.