Southern Baptists: Everyone At Target Is Going To Hell

From the president of the Southern Evangelical Seminary:

Most of the world has heard by now of Target’s ‘Bud Light moment’ regarding the sordid display of their gay pride collection, much of which was directed at young children.

But just when the large retailer thought that perhaps their stock had bottomed out, Fox News is reporting that in putting together their salute to lasciviousness, Target leadership had turned to an avowed satanist by the name of Eric Carnell.

So, for now Target is suffering the same deserved fate that befell Bud Light. There is an old adage in retail that in order to be successful, you must know your customer base.

Obviously, Target, along with Bud Light, failed miserably in this regard and will continue to feel the pain for some time. Couldn’t happen to a better group of folks!

Nevertheless, to give the devil his due, I should give credit to Eric Carnell. He’s at least honest about his affiliation with the great deceiver. The problem for him is that he is honestly lost — lost not only in the world in which he now exists, but also in the eternity to come.

While a great part of me wants to call this individual out for the disrespect and disparagement of Almighty God Himself, there is a more thoughtful side of me which longs to warn him about the grave danger in the thoughts and actions that have led to the malaise in which he is now found.

Target is nothing more than an inanimate corporation that has brought economic calamity upon itself, and that is the extent to which it will suffer. However, the leadership of Target and Eric Carnell are real live human beings who are destined for the ravages of hell without the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Eric Carnell, like so many others, ‘swears there ain’t no heaven and prays there ain’t no hell!’ Sadly, they have totally missed the truth of the Gospel.

They have thus fallen for any old claim that comes along that will support their sordid lifestyle and give them some short-lived comfort on their road to eternal separation from the God they are now intentionally choosing to despise. God have mercy on their souls in the days to come!

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