Paxton Impeachment Vote Scheduled: 1PM Tomorrow

PBS NewsHour reports:

Under the Texas constitution and law, impeaching a state official is similar to the process on the federal level: the action starts in the state House. In this case, the five-member House General Investigating Committee voted unanimously Thursday to send 20 articles of impeachment to the full chamber. The next step is a vote by the 149-member House, where a simple majority is needed to approve the articles. Republicans control the chamber 85-64.

If the full House impeaches Paxton, everything shifts to the state Senate for a “trial” to decide whether to permanently remove Paxton from office, or acquit him. Removal requires a two-thirds majority vote. But there is a major difference between Texas and the federal system: If the House votes to impeach, Paxton is immediately suspended from office until the outcome of the Senate trial. Republican Gov. Greg Abbott would have the opportunity to appoint an interim replacement.

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A trial before the Texas Senate would be presided over by far-right Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who has appeared here many times over the last decade for his anti-LGBTQ and Christianist declarations.

Patrick has declined to weigh in on the allegations against Paxton, noting his potential role in overseeing the trial.

But it’s worth noting that Patrick supported Paxton’s challenger in the 2022 GOP primary for attorney general.

Today is the last formal day of the current session of the Texas legislature, with the final gavel due on Monday. The next session is scheduled to start in early 2025.

Paxton’s trial before the Senate would require a special session, which could open the door to other unfinished and ugly anti-LGBTQ bills.

Of course, we’ll have a live-stream of the Texas House vote tomorrow for your hate-watching amusement.