PAC Launches To “Draft Tucker Carlson For President”

The Hill reports:

A political action committee to get former Fox News host Tucker Carlson to run for president is making its launch with an ad that praises him for mocking “woke nonsense” — and is aiming to pull the GOP presidential field to the right.

The Draft Tucker PAC, a hybrid PAC that filed paperwork with the Federal Election Commission in late April shortly after Carlson was ousted from Fox News, debuted an ad that is set for an initial weeklong run on the conservative Newsmax cable channel next week.

“Republicans need a new leader, and Tucker Carlson is ready to lead,” the ad says. “No one in America is more articulate and pins down leftists in both parties better than Tucker.” It compares the former Fox News host to the late radio host Rush Limbaugh.

About those behind the new PAC:

The documents were submitted by Liz Curtis and Associates, a law firm based in Marton, New Jersey, according to its LinkedIn profile. The profile is sparse, and the website for Liz Curtis and Associates is currently down with a message that reads: “the site is experiencing technical difficulties.”

This raises some questions about whether or not the law firm is functional or if it is being used as a way to pass money through a larger organization.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the address listed on the documents belongs to a Dallas-based organization called Strategic Political Management, LLC, which is led by Charlie Kolean, a GOP political operative involved in managing the Trump Finance Victory Committee. On LinkedIn, Kolean posted a link to the ad his agency had helped to produce.