One Million Moms Vs Target’s Pride Month Collection

Via email from hate group leader Monica Cole:

The Target boycott continues! Target is currently selling gay pride clothing and accessories for infants and children, specifically transgender and gender-neutral items, furtively advocating for the LGBTQ lifestyle.

Target’s rainbow-themed T-shirts for children and onesies for babies are part of its gay pride marketing campaign.

The children’s T-shirt imprints include logos such as “It Takes All Kinds” and “Always Proud.” The infant items include “Bien Proud” designs, along with other rainbow skirts and accessories for children, preschool age and younger.

TAKE ACTION: Please sign our petition and let Target know their decision to engage in corporate promotion and financial support of homosexuality is a bad idea, especially considering the number of mothers currently shopping for graduation gifts, college essentials, summer merchandise, and upcoming vacation items.

Furtively? As always, we thank Monica for promoting pro-LGBTQ corporations. And since we’re talking about Target, enjoy the below meltdown from OAN host Alison Steinberg, who last appeared here for her screaming rant about a rainbow flag she spotted in Huntington Beach, California. Before she was hired by OAN, Steinberg became a darling to the far-right for stalking “communist” businesses that enforced pandemic protocols.