National Hate Group Behind Many Anti-Trans Laws

The Associated Press reports:

Do No Harm, a nonprofit that launched last year to oppose diversity initiatives in medicine, has evolved into a significant leader in statehouses seeking to ban gender-affirming care for transgender youths, producing model legislation that an Associated Press analysis found has been used in at least three states, including Florida.

The nonprofit, not widely known outside conservative medical and political circles, describes itself on its website as a collection of doctors and others uniting to “protect healthcare from a radical, divisive, and discriminatory ideology.”

The organization’s executive director, Kristina Rasmussen [screenshot above], previously was chief of staff to former Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner, a Republican, and served as president of the Illinois Policy Institute, a conservative think tank.

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For those unaware, national groups like Do No Harm are behind the majority of anti-LGBTQ measures introduced by state lawmakers.

These groups provide templates for the bills, which state lawmakers then use either verbatim or slightly tweaked to fit state rules.

Do No Harm, like many of these groups, pays for witnesses to travel and testify before state legislatures.

On Do No Harm’s website, the group rages about “critical race theory” and the “anti-racism” movement.