Multimillionaire Sen. J.D. Vance: I’m Boycotting Target

Mediaite reports:

Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) has jumped into the far-right fray over Target by claiming the mega retailer has decided to “wage war” on its customers by selling LGBTQ merchandise, and vowing not to shop there again. “Target could have decided to stay out of the culture wars, instead it decided to wage war on a large share of its customer base,” Vance tweeted. “I no longer shop at Target, and it seems many families are doing the same.”

According to The Washington Post, Target has “offered products celebrating Pride Month, typically in June, for more than a decade. But this year’s collection led to threats from conservatives accusing the company of “grooming children.” Disgruntled customers have harassed Target employees, knocked over merchandise displays, and posted threatening videos to social media.

Read the full article. We’re standing by for Vance to pull his stupid book from Target’s shelves. Yeah.