Hundreds Of Patriot Front Fascists March In DC [VIDEO]

Mediaite reports:

Hundreds of masked fascists from the Patriot Front white nationalist movement were monitored by the police as they paraded through the National Mall in Washington D.C.  The marchers showed up on Saturday as they made their way around the Washington Monument.

The marchers’ faces were concealed by sunglasses and white masks, and they carried an assortment of shields, megaphones, upside-down American flags and banners declaring “Reclaim America” and “Strong families make strong nations.”

The SPLC and the Anti-Defamation League both describe Patriot Front as a white nationalist, pro-fascist movement that demands America be formed into a White ethnostate under a pan-European identity that prohibits people of color from being labeled as American.

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As you can see in the tweet below, many cultists claim that Patriot Front is secretly an FBI operation meant to disparage and embarrass white people.